Today, just like yesterday

toast and pb

Things are getting back to normal.


Tuesday bfst-lunch

Mom had toast, crackers, and Ensure
– But what she was most excited about was soup from Panera, brought by Kelly
– said soup is being reserved for dinner

Mom also succeeded in an Epic Quest for Foundation Garments.
– she now has selected what she wants from Kohls
– yay! another achievement unlocked!

Monday – Mummy’s bfst/lunch

Data collected around 3:30. So Mom couldn’t remember exactly
– she remembered yoghurt and Ensure
– but there was something else she couldn’t remember, and it wasn’t 1. illicit, 2. toast, or leftovers.
– Mom reported sleeping well-enough [a pill before bedtime, and second pill when she woke in the night [3AM? 4 AM? I forget]
– woke with aching back, but was careful getting up, and consequently, felt pretty comfortable at 3:30 PM [said she ached, but modestly… nothing like pain of previous days]

Vigorous Dialog on all matters health related. And still ,a very pleasant visit altogether.

Sat nite dinner – Tess, our on-the-scene correspondent…

Tess report from Sat nite dinner
– For dinner gma had…
– 1/4 of a burger, 3 slices of grilled zucchini, 1/2 of a baked sweet potato and a few steamed yellow beans.. and yes the veggies were picked today…yum

Boo notes that, from Tess and Andy, he personally also received and installed a lanyard and belt-loop-fastening carabiner for his cell phone, and a recharge cable for the auto for both Apple and Android [?1?] from the groaning kitchen tech drawer of Lathrop kitchen
– now Boo’s cell phone doesn’t fall out of his pocket and get lost
– this blog does not recognize the spelling of ‘carabiner’, and earns out scorn

Note: You TOO can email your reports to Boo for posting
– immortalize Mom’s Health for the Ages
– be as well informed about the intimate family lives of the Rolstons as you are about the Kardashians
– Keeping Up with the Kardashians is an American reality television series that has aired on E! since October 14, 2007
– who knew?
– soon the Rolstons will be E-list celebrities

Sun AM, Part II: The Quickening – Tess in Boonton around 3 PM

Via email, Tess notified me that she’ll be home in Boonton today by 3 PM.

Her plans include:
– making dinners
– attending to foundation garment issues
– checking Mom’s teeth issues for cleaning and a one-hour vacation from Mom’s mouth [!!!]

Boo is excited, and plans to visit Boonton as an enthusiastic audience/spectator.
– Also will experiment with giving Tess ability to contribute to and edit this blog.

Thank you, Tess!